Love Parts Ways

By: Miriam M. Wynn

"Shall you run away with me?",
He asked her this, but she could not answer.
Dew tears stained cheeks
That he had loved to touch,
But Destiny bade them to stay--

These tears to stay,
Unbrushed from satin cheeks
Where once he had pressed satin kisses--
He watched them fall,
And waited.

In her amber silence she
Turned to observe the water--
The magnificent boats in their
Handsome harbor,
Where among the sparkling waves
The two of them had danced,
And he had wooed her.

"Will you come away with me?",
He asked, one time more--
He felt that now he would remain silent,
And he waited, along the shore.

Her silence enveloped them both,
And he wondered at betrayal.
Her hand lifted--
Soft, feminine fingers that had traced him,

"I can't", she said, "and I won't."
And her hair turned to face him,
As she looked the other way.

He wondered again at betrayal.

"But, Love!", he said, thinking of the grand meaning.
"What of it?", she murmured, thinking of the same thing,
And he looked, hard,
Into her.

Her silence remained strong,
Stronger than her love for him,
Stronger than his own.

He felt his heart collapse.
"But, Love!", he bit out, bitterly.
She gave him no response, and
Her silence enraged him.

Finally she turned back to him,
And took his hand.
Into it she pressed a little golden key.

"Throw it overboard, when you go", she said,
And then moved to walk away.

"What is it?", he asked her back,
Tempted to toss it now--
And then she answered:

"My heart, I don't need it anymore."