Make Me a Garden

By: Miriam M. Wynn

In the greenery where I saw the sun,
I heard the birds,
And I drank the smell:
Scent of wildflowers,
Rose arbors too;
Saw the sun in heaven,
Saw the sun in you.

When I'm naked with you,
I am sainted, holy;
So tear the robes off,
And paint me with sunshine--

In the heaven where
I can smell the flowers,
I am a tulip garden,
In a greenery true.

In the tulip garden,
You are picking me;
Harvesting your crops,
Sewing magic through me--

In the greenery,
I can smell my perfume
Leaking swiftly from me,
All to drown in you.

In the greenery
I am bending to you,
Plucked swiftly from my branches,
Which are reaching for you;
In the arbor where the sunlight caresses,
While you douse me with water,
And reach out boldly to take me--

My petals open, open farther to you,
In the gazebo where the flowers bloom.

As the tulip garden
That has caught your attention,
I have succumbed to you,
My perfumed gardener;

In the arbor where you
Shed my petals,
Plucking them from me,
Preparing a potpourri--

I am made a star,
Conquered, pruned,
Picked and played at,
Collected and consumed--

Tasted by you, I am blessed,
A vase of fragrance,
A bouquet of lusciousness--

In the greenery,
Where I am loved--

I shed my petals--
I glow like fire--
I claim the horizon of
Power that you are--

My god, my gardener--
Forever harvest,
Never cease to gather--
Never end this pleasure--

And in the end,
After all is taken--
Give to me again,
What has made me love you--

Make me a garden for you to pick,
For you to sift through,
For you to love--

Make me a potpourri,
Dry me and drain me--
Freeze this magic within me:

My love,
Make me a garden!