In the Still of My Nights

By: Marie N. Grady

I thought I could dismiss you
Lay you to rest in the grave shadows of my mind
Bury you deeply beneath my used-to-be's
of my once-upon-a-time's

But like the chilling winds sweep in from the North
Your instinctive presence still sends chills
Invading the cracks of my lonely fortress
Intercepting the heart, where the soul lives

Tender words that echo like thunder
Awaken poetic tokens of our timeless surrender
Genuine expressions of love-confessions displaced
Seek solace in the forbidden recesses of my mind

Despite constant efforts to move forth,
My heart insists on lagging behind
Oh, such treasured moments we shared
Like the first time you professed your eternal love

...Invoking euphoric sentiments unbeknown

Or the way your enticing aroma left me spellbound
Inebriated... helplessly floating in mid-air
Even as insignificant as the tickly sensation of your chin
As you affectionately kissed me good-night

All beloved memoirs that linger in the still of my nights
I never knew the vitality of those moments... until now
It is evident that I can't forget you...
For I simply don't know how

And though you cannot be here with me
Our dice has inevitable been cast
We are two souls united... intertwined
For in the days of light, or the depths of night...

I will infinitely embrace your spirit within my mind