Summer Heat

By: Avery Robertson

Here in this summer heat,
I am consumed
by the memory of you,

and sweet liquid tears fall
like summer sweat
down pink burnt cheeks,

while in every moment my eyes try
to hide the cost
of letting you into my soul.

I remember the old days
of heartfelt warmth in golden rays,
how they would blend our hearts together
like fire red poppies and hot pink peonies
touching petals in the garden of love.

In the night air, where,
you touched my too long, hidden parts,
exposing them to your blue eyed sight,
is where I lived and loved you best.

Now as I breathe in slowly
to capture the sight of your eyes again,
that pain creeps into my mind with the summer's heat.

I let this consumption devour me
into the dream world where I live
in cool silences of the days
when you and I lived in
each others smiles and hopes of a better day

and I pray

that one day
you will read me in the winds
between our worlds of time and space,
anger and hate,
full circle, back to belief and promises
of brighter night-time, star-lit skies,
where I loved you
and you loved me,

in the summer heat.