Yours Still

By: Rose R

You gave up on what we shared,
Turned your back, as if you didn't care.
You left our beautiful love behind,
I know with time the truth you'll find.

That what you've been searching for was me,
That time is now, I hope your heart bleeds.
I hope you know the half of your soul,
Will always be torn and never pieced whole.

You threw it all away... why?
You know no one could treat you as I,
Treated you like a God for years,
In return I shed endless tears.

You and I, we had potential to be,
But your selfish ways took that away from me.
I could've held on a little bit stronger,
But the hell you put me through, I couldn't take it much longer.

I felt abused, I felt betrayed,
The man I loved just walked away.
You didn't turn back, you kept a steady pace.
I'll never forget that blank stare on your face.

You didn't even look, you didn't have to see.
To know your "good-bye" was poison to me.
It took so long for me to believe,
I never thought you could really leave.

Reality sunk in; I made it through,
Though I'll always have a weakness for you.
So, when you want me back and I know you will,
I bet my shattered heart will be yours still.