Memories Of You

By: Jessica Murphy

It's like...
I can still feel you
All around me
In everything I do
But the truth is- you're gone

You're gone
I wake up each morning
I stare into the waking sun
I see your beautiful face
You're smiling
It's like you're here

I make my way down the hallway
Tip-toe into the bathroom
Just in case you're in the shower
I'd peak in at you, surprize you
I'd tell you I love you
I still look for you

I go walking along the creek
Sit on the benches, feed the ducks
I can still see you, running to me
Down the hills, through the sprinklers
In your white shirt
I reach out to you with open arms
But I cannot seem to touch you

I go to the movies
Of course to see one that you'd love
I sit in the back, all alone
Well, not really
Because it feels like you're there, with me
But when I reach out to place my hand on your's
I come up empty handed

In the darkness, I still sit
At our special place, remember
The crickets, the stars
I still remember the way it felt
Holding you close to me
Your body
But you're not there with me anymore

At night, while I lay in bed
Before I fall fast asleep
I wrap my arms around you
I hold you tight
Then I see the truth
It's not you but only a pillow

With every second, minute, hour that passes
It feels like... I don't know
I lose a little bit more of you
When, really, you have been gone for so long
Our memories though, they kept you alive to me
But with time, memories fade
As will you

The saddest thing is
You're not dead at all
Actually you are alive and well
I am the one who is dead
Dead to you
And the hardest thing of all is...
I can't seem to kill you