Life's Dream Fulfilled

By: Jamie Ellis

Life’s Dream Fulfilled
On that first day, our first date,
My heart was given, our fate defined
Never have I looked back with remorse.
Time flies by, Forever Faithful, my blue eyed boy
The sweetest thing in life cost only my heart and yours in return
Never as happy as when you whisper, “I Love You.”
I sleep safely, soundly, wrapped in your love
The strength of your heart warms me, comforts me
Never as content as when I am in your embrace.
Beautiful Dreamer, a smile plays on your lips,
Maybe you are dreaming of me, I dream of you
Never a love as great as ours.
Though you may not be near, you are always in my heart, my mind
All is well in our world
Never will I be alone again.
Sweet white, lilac, silver enchantments
Surrounded by those we love
Never a more joyful day than when we say, “I do.”
Young Love, we will grow old together, grow in love together,
Share our love by giving life, then fall in Love again
Never will anyone love you as much as I.
Lover, Friend, Soulmate, Comforter, Companion
Together we walk Life’s path
Never again to walk this rough road in solitude.