Remembering On The Wind

By: Avery Robertson

What is this light sound that is carried
across my mind while the wind blows wildly outside
I look up- and nothing is there
then behind me... nothing and I am consumed with mystery

Could it be you who just had a thought of me
which went flying across time to touch gently
these ears, then this soul of mine?
or am I just imagining such a beautiful sound

I feel it well up in me and then subside
like the ocean in summer around my ankles
I am astounded to find my eyes closing
while my heart is opening to reach out
to find the rhythm- and follow it

Wherever it goes so will I, until...
I remember those were the words we spoke
and just look how they fell breaking upon the shores
of emptiness and pain that grabs us even now
when the nights are very still or the days
are too bright, but then, again
a remembrance is always a remembrance
no matter the guise in which it comes to us

so, for now I will revel in its coming
and dance inside its tune
for it reminds me of better days
longer days and nights with you
and that is something one should never
turn one's heart away from, for it is
a gift from the heavens when most needed

and today
I needed to know
that you are still there
out there
and now...
I know.