What is Love?

By: Breana Noelle Brilhart

There's this battle between love
That continues to grow
What the true meaning is
I guess we will never know

Some say love is special
That it finds a place in you heart
But others say it's a curse
And that it will tear you apart

They say love is caring, gentle and kind
But when love gets to forceful
It will take over you heart,
body, soul and mind

But then the one side disagrees
They say that love lets your heart be free
That love is a spirit that flows through the air
And it spreads it’s presence everywhere

That love doesn't capture your heart
But love stays the same from the start
How could you think that? They others say
Believe us, Love is evil and it will ruin your ways

At first love will seem great
Then to whom it is your partner you will hate
You’ll hate them so much you’ll break their hearts
And will wish that it never happened from the start

Some find love is powerful and strong
And wish that what happened to them never went wrong
But no matter what, there’s always a mistake
It turns out their partner is some kind of fake

This fight continues and it never ends
Maybe were all better off staying friends
Love is a confusing emotion that will never be understood
And it’s sad to say... but I wish we could