Come Back

By: samuel nii (zoozze kpakpocy) sasu

One hour i treasure, pain has all the rest.
You seem to stand at sunset in the west
and gaze at me accross the hills and smile.
then i'm brave again and take a little drink.

Then i hear your voice and feel your touch
as if you told me not to grieve too much.
That you are where those golden acres lie,
behind the sunset's gateway in the sky.

But you lied to me, you weren't at any of those places.
I look for you with anxiety and every hour tells me
how far away you are from me.
I thought i could rely on your promise.

Why do you have to leave me this way?
Sweetheart, come back to me.
Because the power of love, bursting into flame,
is more powerful than death.

Love cannot be drowned by ocean or flood.
It cannot be bought- no matter what is offered.