For The Love Of You

By: Victoria Frances

I had a dream last night, and what a lovely dream it was
It left me feeling happy in a metaphorical land of 'us'
Filled with moments to be cherished
Of hearts amalgamating into one

This has always been my dream for the two of us
Soaring through the sky
Nestled on the wings of butterflies
Caressing the stars as they fly by
While being cushioned by the clouds
As tender hands caress

Those moments are etched into my soul
And as I awake, jubilant and blissfully contented
Securely wrapped in the pure essence of your beauty
Images of your smile and the sunshine it brings
Joyously float through my heart
As the majesty of your soul warms my heart

For all that I have to give is for the love of you
My one and only true love