Can You Hear My Heart

By: Freddy Juarez Marmolejo

Can you hear the beating inside my chest?
Beating in hope of feeling your gentle caress
Beating helplessly to feel your warm, gentle embrace
Forever dying to touch your beautiful face

Can you hear the whisper in the wind?
Calling like an echo trapped hopelessly within
Softly calling your name again and again
Whispering your name, hopelessly, in vain

Can you hear the prayers said in the night?
In the darkness flies hope to hold you tight
The still of the night carries believing words
Floating in the darkness, hoping to be heard

Can you hear the wish made on a falling star?
Searching to find you wherever you are
A star gave it's life blazing across the sky
Begging to come true so the wish will not die

Can you hear my heart calling out to you?
Crying out in anguish to love you so true
Prayers and wishes should not die in vain
Can you hear my heart calling your name?