By: Anna Gael Schell

I didn't know, until you,
how much anguish lay inside of me.
I didn't know, until you,
how different my Life could be.
until you, I waited-
longing for what I knew could be,
...but might never be.

I only knew I could love
with all my soul, mind, and body.
Then you came from out of nowhere
and I knew in that moment that
you were the one.

your mind, your soul, your body -like mine -
in that void we both know too well.
you fill me with joy and laughter.
you delight my mind; your sweet soul
unites with mine creating - almost, not
one person but three. Impossible!

When we join in a passionate embrace or
tender caress, all of my anguish spills
out of me in rush after rush of joy,
all longing- fulfilled; passion- spent.
-love- -thee- -me-
...our trinity.