Apart From the Rest

By: Raquel Miranda

you write to me about dreams of me
but to me you are the dream
i keep waiting to wake up and see
that I’m right, it wasn't as real as it seemed.

i wish my heart was not feelings, but words
so that i could show you the truth
all the things you haven't heard
so you'll know it's not just a stupidity of youth

i've walked through my entire life without anyone
so terrified of letting people in
you loved me, though, like no one has done
and have stayed with me though thick and thin

we were both so scared that sunday night
that we said things we didn't mean
ill always remember that first fight
when losing you was more real than it had ever seemed

i may be the smile on your face
but you're the reason i know how to smile
in your arms seems to be my rightful place
i just hope you let me stay there for a good, long while

i may say things that aren't what i mean
and the way i act isn't always the best
but i love you so much, more than you can ever see
and that love is what sets you apart from the rest