By: Dragonfly

I thought we had the perfect love
And everything was fine,
But it turns out the love we shared
Was all together mine.

The way you held my hand in yours,
The way you held me close.
You're the only one I've ever loved;
You're the one I need the most.

I think about how it used to be
And it always makes me sad
To look back on the yesterdays
And all the good times we have had.

I thought I meant something to you
How foolish could I be?
How could someone as great as you
Fall in love with me?

I never thought I'd hurt this bad.
I didn't want to cry,
But my heart breaks more every day
And I keep asking myself, "Why?"

My love for you is growing
And it's stronger than you think.
Every time I see your face,
My heart begins to sink.

I want to hold you in my arms
And be with you once again.
I want things back the way they were
And to never let it end.

But I know that dream is impossible;
I know it won't come true.
I just wanted to let you know
...I'm still in love with you.