Remember When

By: Trix

Remember when I played with your cute, springy curls
And how we shared each others dreams of having little girls

Remember how we flirted, but insisted it wasn't so
We both felt that there was something, but we wouldn't let them know!

Remember at the party, when you said, "I have something to say"
And then and there you told me and I fell in love that day

Remember when you followed me home, I'd never seen anything that sweet
I was all smiles, you were all blushes, but it made the night complete

Remember when we first went out, I couldn't help but stare
But you tried to be sneaky, sly, discreet! (No one could know we were there!)

Remember when we danced through the fountain in the park
And I wanted badly to kiss you under the stars and moon... in the dark

Remember when I almost lost you, because I was afraid
"I've had my heart broken," I said, "That's too great a price to pay"

Remember when I first kissed you under the starry sky
So many butterflies in my tummy, I thought I could fly

I remember everything, each little thing you do
So, I just thought I'd mention how lucky I am... to be in love with you