Pushing Through The Past

By: Alex Rae Golly

I tell myself I'm happy
And that life must go on
I want to believe it's true
I want to say nothing's wrong

I've thought about my choices
And I know there's only one
Because dying isn't a way out
It doesn't help none

I keep my pain and anger
Locked deep inside
While people think I'm happy
I'm just taking them for a ride

I've used up all my friends
And made a fool of myself
Some people know my secret
But that doesn't help

I feel like I'm trapped...
In a world where time is a slow race
I'm not completely hopeless
Just a broken glass vase

Even though I'm sad
And have tried to take the easy way out
I know that I must stay
Because if I left
I would cause heartache and pain

I know that I will make it
I know it will take time
And right now I'm heading steadily
Down a straight line

People can do and say as they want
But in my heart I stay true
Even if they taunt
Neither my eyes nor smile will ever go blue

I won't let people hurt me
I will not hurt myself
I'll go on with a smile
Watching out for my health

For, now I will stay positive
And work very hard
And when the time comes
I will have played my card

For I have learned
Tough times never last
Just tough people do
And I'll move up from the past
Pushing my way through