Heaven In Our Midst

By: A. R. Brinsfield

Flowing robes driven by the soft gentle breeze,
the scent of love still in the air.
I peer through the open doorway to feast my eyes
on your sleeping soul.

A dream come to life, an answered prayer
I look and, yes, you are still there.
Soft breaths of life coming from beyond the door,
as you lie there peacefully sleeping.

Your strong bare chest gently rising and falling
with the beat of my heart.
I look into your peaceful sleeping face knowing the wonderous
love of the night before
and the knowledge that we will never part.

I open the door and step out to greet
the morning with outstretched arms
and a glow on my face that just may have outshone the sun.
The cool fresh earth beneath my feet,
the soft breeze rustling my hair-
Nothing on earth could ever compare.

I walk to the stream that runs beyond the tree line
and step into the cool water.
I gasp with shock as the feeling brought me to life.
My body tingled from the crispness of the cool breeze
blowing through the trees, where the sunlight could not
reach to give its kiss of warmth.

I hear the distant rumble of an approaching storm.
I could feel you caressing me before your hands ever reached me.
Laying me down on the cool grass your hands began touching my hair,
my lips and my very soul.
The storm and our love growing stronger
with each thunder roll.