The heart

By: K P F

To open your heart you need many keys,
But each of these keys fulfill different needs,
The first key can open a wonderful door,
The door to a room you didn’t think could be explored,

Then in that room you find something more,
So many treasures and jewels to explore,
You find old tarnished bracelets and a few rusted chains,
But then you come across something that can’t be explained,

A little box that requires a very special key,
This key is made with love, compassion and a little of everything,
You get ready to use the key and stick it in the slot
But then you notice that the key is not right for the lock,

You try to go back and find another spot,
You open that door and now it is permanently locked.
When it comes to the heart and it’s many needs,
You should be careful because you can make the wrong key,

Love is a game you have to play fair,
You have to be honest and truthful
...no matter what pain you must bear.