A Perfect Angel

By: Jacinta Rebecca Hewitt

I know there is a god
In the heavens above
He sent you to me
And blessed me with your love

I never thought that I
I would find someone as good as you
You make this love,
This love feel so true.

I thank my lucky stars,
The stars I wish on every night
That you, Chris, would stay with me
And hold me tight.

You mean everything to me
You are my heart, body and soul
When you came into my life
You filled the biggest hole

The hole in my love...
You took my breath away
As you stood there and told me
You was here to stay.

You opened up your arms
And gently said to me,
"For you will never be harmed
Just you wait and see."

No matter what happens
I will always stay true
For I promise
I will always love you.