The Way I Feel For U

By: sexynena88 Jenny

Lately I look forward to each day
When I see u- I don't want u to leave
I want u to stay

The way u make me feel- I really can't explain
I feel that if my feelings grow... I'll go insane
It's been awhile since I've been treated right
That's why, sometimes, I wish u wouldn't leave tonite

'Cuz I love it when ur with me and I hold u tight
I think it's too soon for me to feel like this
But I can't help it when u touch me or when we kiss

I'm tryin' not to let myself go
But when it comes to u... it's hard to say, "no"
I'm scared that this is something
That in the future I might regret
But things have been going right
Ever since we met

If u continue to treat me right and this keeps emergin'
In a couple of months to a year... I might no longer be a virgin