Starry Nights

By: LadyofKnight

Starry nights... the sky looks as though glitter
Has been sprinkled from one end to the other.
These nights can wrap you in magic.
I lean back and gaze upon the beauty laid out before me.

The moon is so lovely. A midpoint between us.
When you look up at the same time I do,
We connect and our hearts touch.
The shimmering light caresses the trees with patches
Of light green satin and whispy shadows.

My eyes close and I'm lifted on a warm lavendar breeze,
Over the trees and through the velvet night.
My thoughts are only of you, my love,
And how quickly I'll be there with you.

Gently placed by your side, as if in a dream,
Our eyes meet and objects around us begin to fade.
Your lips brush across mine; your breath is my breath.
Nothing could feel more right. We were meant for each other.

Silvery ribbons of soft light surround us
As we dance slowly in the moonlight.
Two souls... souls that keep finding each other again and again.
I believe we've been here together many times before.

This love is centuries old, ages deep and everlasting.
Whenever you need me, in this life or the next...
You need only to say my name... I will always hear.
A starry night will light my way to you.

Feel me brush against your cheek...
Look for me on a warm lavendar breeze, my love.
Turn and find me standing by your side.
Wherever you lead, my heart will follow... always.