By: Jackie R. Mannen

I don't understand how so many things can go wrong at once
It's like everything that I ever cared about was ripped away from me
There was no warning
One day I woke up and everything was turned upside down
My friends were gone
My life was falling apart
And I was living in my own personal hell
No one to turn to
No where to hide
Took all the pain
And hid it inside
Now you know
But don't know what to do
I guess I will live my life without you
I know I don't need you to get through each day
But it was nice to know that I had someone at bay
Someone who supposedly cared and would always be there
I should have known it was a lie
Promises were made to be broken
Friendships are that way, too
I have accepted that and you should too
I know life doesn't always go according to plan
But if this roller coaster that they call life doesn't end soon
I'm afraid that I won't see it through