Heartache's Child

By: Rachel Diane Fogle

Beautiful, loving & happy and carefree.
This is what my Kirstie is and will always be.

I'd give anything to take her pain,
I'd give anything to make her life sunshine & not rain.

When she was born, life was let free,
And the angels poured forth shouting
"Heartache's's Child" is now free.

A journey she has started and a journey she will face,
To become more than they've given her credit for
And more than even she knows she can be.

My Heartache's Child is so much my soul,
I walk through hell & fire if only to keep hold.

Of that precious life that I know is there,
And of my little girl whom is forever fair.

My love for her is unmeasured in words,
All I am is in her and paved with gold.

For her- I hope that she will shine through,
And keep faith that one day her choices will matter too.

Dedicated to: Kirstie S