By: Diana Paula Hallare

If you trace the paths you used to tread,
Could you analyze: To where have they led?
You can never revive everything said -
You cannot fit all the words in your head.

If your life you ever tried to review,
What would you discover lying in you?
If the myths you attempted to construe,
What morales would provide you with a clue?

When you introspect, you harvest galore,
Your own ideas and the joy in store.
When you retrospect on the years before,
You comprehend love's role evermore.

If you continue to struggle with dread,
Why don't you reach out for true hope instead?
If you crave, after your hunger's been fed,
Reflect on all the tears you have shed.

Each scene in a lifetime has its own hue
Even though they may shift out of the blue.
Do not mark all the tragedies with rue -
Just strive for progress, and it will ensue.

When you live with love, you open the door
Of understanding what your soul is for.
When you live with faith, cherished from of yore,
You wake to your dreams alive evermore.