August Angels

By: Anthony James de Matteis

Still winds cut through this summer dream.
Reality shakes the trees, but the roots run too deep.
Life's burdens are a cross we all carry.
Hopeless dead ends, but with a smile,
August Angels ride for free.

Lights shine there brightest on love at first sight.
Nothing is sweeter than your first embrace.
But April's rain will lead to May's pain.
And dying embers fade with every breath we take,
while clinging to yesterdays.

Shallow pools make small minds run deep.
Loving the willing is like leading sheep to the slaughter.
It seems- September knows what November's been hiding.
That's when I saw you in the eye of the storm,
your soul crushed, never to love me anymore.

But broken hearts lead to stronger tomorrows.
January's frost will soon be July's sunburst.
And there you will be, spreading your wings,
in the morning's glory. Like a Phoenix...
August Angels are free again.