By: Ashley Leann Isbell

You can escape love,
Once you know all its routes,
But when you meet that special guy
Who knows what it's all about...

You fall head over heels
And your mind's blown away,
And all you can think is,
I wish he felt the same.

He hardly ever notices you,
He doesn't know you exist,
But when you're around that person
Your mind tells you to persist.

You walk around him,
You flirt.
You talk to him
When he's hurt.

People can tell you like him,
It's so obvious,
But when you're not around him
You deny all the craziness.

Some poeple think he's wrong.
You know he's right,
But you would never, ever
Admit that in daylight.

So you'll keep your secret hidden,
Probably forever,
But just because you're not going out
Doesn't mean you can't be together.

If you're meant to be together
You'll be brought together by fate,
And if you're not, then you were attracted to him
By his good looks... Bait!