Pain in the distance

By: Andrew S Tuinstra

missing you...
the hardest thing I'll ever do

missing you...
your sweet embrace
that smile on your face

the only joy when I awake in the morning
the only tears I am not ashamed to shed
the only one who understands me
the only one who tries
the one who loves me
and the one who understands my trials

it's you... a gem...
the diamond in my life

missing you...
is like starving to death
and being able to see the food in the distance
because you know it's there
but you just can't touch it

holding you...
my hands through your hair
my lips gently kissing your face
as I smile at your sweet looks

loving you...
missing, holding, being with perfection
overwhelms my tiny world
and brings light to what I thought
was the end

our lives finally coming together...
our futures bright and hopeful
our love, destined to never part