By: David A Benner

On July 19, 2001
we lost our loved one.
On that fateful day
God took her away.
She has gone to her final rest
and is at peace there with the blessed.
Brenda was taken to a better place
Oh My how we miss her sweet embrace.
Words cannot express our loss
but I will try no matter the cost.
Mom said she couldn't go on;
now we are left here all alone.
Our children lost their mother.
She died in Wendy's arms.
One saint holding another,
I lost my companion of 39 years
and I am running out of tears.
What a long battle she fought;
if I could only learn from what she taught.
Now where do we go from here...
Brenda is saying, "I will be near."
The way for us is uncertain at best;
will you help me finish the rest...