Your love

By: SwT_RoZez K-J

Your love is like the sun's caressing rays,
Firing up my heart's desires.
Your love is as pure as the moon's midnight song,
One that all beings admire.
Your love is like lightning brewing in a storm,
Ecstatic, enchanting, and wild.
Your love is like flowers blooming in spring,
Refreshing and yet mild.
Your love is like rain trickling down the window pane,
Relaxing, soothing, and unwinding.
Your love is like honey that the honeybees make,
Forever more us binding.
Your love is like the trunk of an old tree,
The foundation of all things.
Your love is like a sea siren's magnetic song,
One like the angel sings.
Your love is like life, in its own way rewarding,
Yet it can be sometimes wrong.
Your love is like music, enlivening my life,
A pretty little song.
Your love is as precious as the sea's ravishing jewel,
The beauty will blind your eyes.
Your love is like purity in its own right,
Truthful, and never lies.
I live my life searching for that special person, it is my destiny,
When I meet him I shall vow to love him for eternity.