If You Only Knew...

By: Shevan Joseph Breaux

If you only knew how I felt about you,
Would things between us change?
Would we take our friendship to another level?
Or would things just stay the same?
I care so much about you,
And I can no longer pretend
That I'm not interested in you at all.
I want to be more than just friends.
But, unfortunately, you're moving away,
And I may never see you again.
However, if I do,
I don't know where or when.
I always wanted to tell you how beautiful you are,
And how you always brighten up my day,
How you always make me smile
With every word you say.
I regret that I never said anything,
And now, it's too late.
But maybe some day, we’ll be together,
I just have to trust in fate.