5 years

By: Stacey Kelly

When I told you I'd wait for you
I didn't mean forever.
Talking your sweet talk,
you must think you're so cleaver.

Although I love you,
love can't be enough.
For the hurt you put on me, hurts too much.

I can't take it anymore;
all I want is you.
I try so hard but I get nowhere,
except deeper in love with you.

Every time I get a chance to be with you, you turn away.
It's like this cruel game you love to play.

I'm not a toy,
I'm not a game,
so next time you come around, I'll be the first to say,
"Maybe someday," and walk away.

I've waited for five years for you to say you love me too,
but instead of truly happy, you make me nothing more than truly blue.
But I mask the hurt I feel with a smile,
for I've been waiting for your kiss for such a long while.

Maybe someday, a long time from now,
I'll hear you say those three words to me, "I love you,"
and you'll decide to stay in my life awhile.