By: Kelli A. Davis

I always thought love was something that would never come to me.
I always thought I wouldn’t experience happiness and joy in my life,
Until I met you and saw your face.

You have changed my life and the way I see it.
You are now what I am living for.
Even though I may be young
And people may call what I am feeling “puppy love,”
But I know my feelings,
Even though I'd never experienced this feeling in particular.

You have inspired my life and now I know what love is.
I now have happiness in my life.
A while has gone by and people have begun to tell me
That I should get over my “obsession” with you,
But I can't.

It's hard to get over someone's first love, but it's weird,
I feel like I lost you even though I never had you.
My days have been so lonely and now I think that people were right.
Maybe I could never get your love,
Or at least get you to talk to me or notice me.

I should stop giving up hope.
I should stop thinking you are going to run into my arms
The way I have always pictured in my dreams,
But dreams are wishes that never come true.

Maybe I should just give up everything I have lived for
Since you have been in my life.
Maybe people were right.
Maybe my feelings were just feelings of “puppy love.”
Then, why does it hurt for me to see you with another girl?
Why does it hurt for me not to see your face or talk to you one day?
Why are you always on my mind?
If this isn’t love, then what is?