Rose of Lavender

By: Wesley Dale Willis

Pressed between the pages of time
Like an ancient nursery rhyme
Now lies the Rose of lavender
Gently touching, my love's adornment,
Sprinkles of blood sprung by the thorn.

My love kissed this rose with her lips
Pierced by the same thorn, her blood drips
The blood-red Rose of lavender
Colors anew, our blood mingled
Spirits were felt while I tingled.

Where now have my sweetheart's lips gone?
Coloring time of distant dawn
Fading the Rose of lavender
Her lips chase each sunsets new day
Long ago my love passed away.

Together, our love pledged that night
Halos flew from the stars so bright
I love my Rose of lavender
Our blood mingles, never to part
Her restless love bleeds in my heart.