Jin, Sora and Joon

By: Ruth Ella Wang

Happiness came to me
Only thinking that I don't deserve any
But then it came to me
Jin, Sora and Joon
Why couldn't you guys be here soon?
My life changed with all your sweet and loving affection
Jin, you've helped me from getting a broken heart
Sora, you've helped me draw a smile on my face
Joon, you've helped me walk my way through thick and thin
All of you have gained my trust and attention
My dark life has now brightened up
All because of you guys
I thank and love you all
Jin, I love you with all my heart
Sora, I love you with all my soul
Joon, I love yooh with all my mind
To me all of you mean something more than anything
Always remember
We'll all work things out together
Always, you and I
You guys are kept in a very special place inside my heart
Where it'll never break apart.