Woeful Chorus

By: Wei Azial Lassarotte

I stay awake, through the passing time
Wishing to be there, with someone that is mine
So lonely, missing you, a distant one
Dreaming of you, all that we've done
Through the snowfall, I tasted winter's kiss
So cold without you, your warming bliss
Birds fly the distance, you lay on their wings
While I am here, longing to be with you once again
So far, the time's passed so slow
Missing you, your heart's loving glow
Take my hand and lead me there
To wherever you are, my dear
If all these times are not worth my sorrow
Then take my hand to the waiting gallows
As this life is not worth living
Without you, I have no reason for giving
My Love for you to another soul
Without you, I have no place to go
If I cannot see you again in this life of mine
I know, when I die, you'll be on my mind
If that is so, let it forever be
When you're so far away, like the expanding seas
Then let this breath be my final
When I lie on my deathbed, take me to heaven, my winged angel