By: Natasha Vazquez

I gave my heart to you,
in hopes you would take it with care.
You said you would always be there for me,
and the feelings we share.
For my heart is filled with pain right now,
it is eating what is in my head.
Now- where are you in my time of need?
I don't mean to be so hasty,
not meaning to sound like such a greed.
This pain is making me crazy,
and my vision is going hazy.
Where are you when I need you most?
It is like you vanished... just like a ghost.
I tried to find and reach you,
but you're never home... so here I am.
Here I am, all alone.
This pain is hurting so much,
the only cure is your touch,
but you're not here...
There is a knife on the table.
You're nowhere to be found.
Here I am, all alone, no one is around,
no one is here to catch me when I fall to the ground.
I'm surrounded by a puddle that is so moist and red.
"Where is it coming from?" is going through my head.
My body is so numb, yet, I try to feel all around me.
My hands get to my chest and it is moist.
I raised my head to see what it was but it got too bright.
I try so hard to focus... but everything went white.