Silence Speaks

By: Vivek Sood

The silence of the night is broken
As you whisper softly in my ears
Are you really there
Or is it just that silence speaks
i open my eyes as i hear those whispers again
Those words full of love you gently used to whisper
Now that you are gone away
i know, it's silence that speaks

The soft cool wind blows
Making sounds never heard before
i feel you are close to me once again
So close as if you were always there
i can feel the gentle touch of your quivering lips
As the wind softly caresses my face
Telling me that you are around somewhere
Calling out your name

Is it just a dream
Or is it for real
i fail to understand
And the wind once again calls out your name
The breeze from the sea
Moistens the memories of us when we were together
When no-one else but the two of us mattered
When the silence would gently speak

The world seemed to belong to me
And all around there was joy and happiness
Today, when you are not here
i miss the feelings , i miss the touch of your hand
You used to say, "we will always be together"
But, then you left me alone
Alone to hear and feel the pain
Alone to hear the murmuring silence

i never ever thought you would leave
And it would turn out to be this way
But then again, you had to move on with your life
And not waste your life on love the whole day
The smile on your face would make my day
You know i used to say
All i have are memories of the past
And silence is what talks to me all day

They say if you love someone from your heart
They can never go away
Time and distance would not make any differnce
Love can bridge the gaps away
This hope is what has made me say
That i need you here in my life, in my heart... everyday
i have heard the voice of silence long enough
Now i want to hear you sweet voice everyday

i know you left because you had to
But now i need you more than ever before
Come back and make my world a better place
A place where only our voices can be heard
You have become my life now
And it's hard to be parted from you any more
Come and break the silence's voice that fills my life
Come for your voice is my life's only shore