Forgotten Family

By: Danielle Nicole Newman

Mom, I love you... why do you hurt me?
Mom, I trusted you... you betrayed me.
I thought you would care, no matter what.
I know I was wrong, I almost forgot.

Dad, she hurt me, why can't you see?
Dad, is she more important than me?
I can't believe you pushed me away.
I can't believe you let her stay.

Sister of mine... will you learn to forgive?
sister, I promise... I'll try to live!
You walked away when I needed you.
You pulled away when I was holding on to you.

Brother... you cursed me to leave your sight.
Brother... you made me leave that night.
You took a stand against me there.
Today, that's why I am here.

My family... I'll never forget that night.
I swear nothing can make it right.
You all betrayed and hurt me deep.
I'll keep dreaming, fast asleep.

Maybe one day down the line,
Maybe again somewhere in time.
As for now, I feel the pain.
Our family will never be the same!