You and Him

By: ac

Is he just playing..
Toying with my heart?
He knows what I've been through
And that I need a new start.

Does he really like me
Or, is it all an act?
I always pick the wrong guys
And that, I know for a fact.

He acts like he cares
But, then again, they all do.
He knows I'm not real happy
And what went on with you.

He knows I lost our baby
But, he seems to understand
He says it's not my fault
And lends a helping hand.

I can cry on his shoulder
And he knows why.
I don't know if he's for real
Or, if I should even try.

I've been put through so much
In the past two weeks
I'm not sure if it's him
That my heart seeks.

Saturday, when you stopped by
I knew my feelings remained the same.
Even though you used me
And played me.. like a game.

Could he be the guy
That will make me happy?
Or, will he do the same things
That every guy does to me?

Did you mean what you said
Or, was it another lie?
Will he do the same things
Just like... any other guy?