Searching 4 Love

By: LaMExi~ Steph~

When you feel your heart has broken,
Every word you've heard not spoken
With love you seek so true,
Don’t let it make you blue.

Because everyone you crossed is searching,
And somewhere inside you're hurting
Because they didn’t see you crying
For the Love that’s worth dying.

But if Love would be a death,
Then it’d be better to stay away,
Because when you’re young, you’re always looking
To live another day.

Love isn’t easy to come by.
Well, the REAL LOVE I can’t buy.
If you’re searching with a weak heart,
Give it some time to heal.
Don’t rush into what’s coming
Because then you’re heading downhill.

Love isn’t simple.
Just let it figure itself out.
Time and realness,
Will bring it by, no doubt.