Empty Spring

By: Victor S. Travis Jr.

The day's now longer than the night.
I sense that Spring is near.
To many I am sure that thought
Will bring a song of cheer.

But Spring's sweet promise-- not for me.
I seek, but cannot find
The warmth it used to give my heart...
The gentle peace of mind.

They grew like weeds, but smelled of rose
And were my heart's delight.
How empty now, I find, is life...
Their absence is my night.

Their sparkling eyes, so full of life...
Their laughter, love's sweet song.
Their breath was Spring's soft, gentle wind
That carried me along.

Now life goes on without desire,
Except that I might be
Allowed to see them now and then...
Gain respite from ennui.

Now, Spring means only this to me:
That soon the snow will go
And bring to me sweet memories of
A time not long ago.

So whisper not, sweet breeze of Spring,
Of life begun anew,
For as I walk His fields and streams...
My tears obscure the view.