I Remember, I Forgot...

By: SweetGirl

Those times I sat on my bed and cried,
And sobbed my losses, after all I tried,
And you sat by my side and held me tight,
You spoke comforting words to make things right.
When I think of those times of feeling blue...
I remember, I forgot... to say, "Thank You."

Those times I got attitude, doing things on my own,
Feeling overwhelmed, and my stress-level blown.
Shutting you out, to get things done,
Feeling slow-motion, but wanting to run,
And you’d ask to help, asking what to do...
I remember, I forgot... to say, "I need you."

Those times when we’d argue and have our doubts,
We’d criticize, we’d yell, and speak of other whereabouts,
And the clock would heal, and words would mend,
And we’d straighten out the things- we’d bend,
When you’d question my wants, of what to do...
I remember, I forgot... to say, "I want you."

Those times I’d sit and miss you all day,
But when you got home, my mind was astray,
And I’d walk right past you, not even aware
That you felt neglected, like I didn't care,
Taking for granted what I thought you knew...
I remember, I forgot... to say, "I love you."