Maze of Feelings

By: Ricardo Roman

I walk through the maze of feelings
Where I seem to be lost
I’m trying to figure it out
But my eyes are blinded with dust

How did I get here?
I didn’t get here in a day
The memory is so painful
The memory of my yesterday

You were magical and unique
And through your eyes and heart I fell
But I keep asking myself this question
If at first I was in heaven, why did it turn to hell?

How could I not see it?
Your dust blinded my heart
Then you stabbed and stepped on it
When I found out we had to part

Not because of pain or reason
Just because of your past
Then you threw me in this maze of feelings
Where my suffering would last

I don’t know where to cure my heart
Or what will become of me
I cannot take this pain much longer
Is there anyone who can help me?

I fear this maze will get the best of me
I fear there won’t be a way out
I fear my heart will give up and die
Without ever clearing this doubt