By: Stacy Sue Rawleigh

He has my heart
And I have his
I know that part
So now let me tell you this

When I look into his eyes
I melt to the ground
They shine like the blue sky
And when our eyes meet my heart starts to pound

I miss him when he's gone
It tends to always make me sad
At times I hate to be alone
'Cause without him makes me mad

He's always there for me
And he never wants to hurt me
Just if you could see
That him and I were meant to be

He gives me strength
When I need it most
His love goes to a great length
And can be as strong as a cement post

He can always get me to smile
No matter what kind of day I'm going through
Whether it's if I have energy to walk a mile
Or if I feel so blue

I love when he smiles
And I love his sweet kiss
His smile seems to go on for miles
And his kiss is such bliss

I love him inside and out
His personality is the best
But now that I'm without, all I wanna do is pout
'Cause he's not like the rest

I knew the day that I would come to dread
Was the day he said good-bye
It's still in my head
And it makes me wanna cry

But there are many more reasons
On why I love him so
But maybe after racecar season
Those reasons he'll come to know!