By: Steve Soskin

The winds wept salt-laden tears of
joy upon the rocky shore
Truth reborn, life's purpose remembered.
The slate sea mirroring life's blandness
Till the pastel palette
of your beauty and goodness touched my soul.

Colors exploding,
bursting forth from a chiaroscuro
Turquoise seas under cerulean skies
Lovemotion leaping as a spring tide
to embrace that sullen shore.

As the graceful gulls waft overhead
on airtides of ectasy
calling out into that empty void
voices unheard
save by one lonely wavelet.
The sea sighs longingly
mourning what once was
rejoicing in what will be.

That solitary wavelet
born of passion in the sea's mediocrity
builds steadily to a great crest
to come mightily crashing upon
the rocky shore
Only to be swept back into life's mediocrity.

But that one wavelet will live forever
Being born and reborn with each
breath of the sea
Building to its mighty crescendo
receding to gather strength
Then bursting forth again
to renew life's lost vigor.