Find Someone Else

By: Khalid Ahmed Al moazen

I want to tell you
That you should find someone else
Someone to give you love
With Arms of Gold
Someone to make you warm
When you feel so cold

I can't lie to you by saying
I don't love you
'Cause I still do
I still love you
But I'm not that Perfect
And I can't give you happiness
This love you should forget
And find it with someone else

If I lived where you are
I would date you, take you around
over and over, so far
and you would still be surrounded
by my arms

I can't lie to myself
You should find someone else
I'm saying, "I will be fine"
and you're sure that's a lie

I will never forget you
and my poems will be the soul of our memories
My heart will break when you go
But you should find someone else