Mirror Images

By: Barry Fitzpatrick

Walking through the woods, just trying to get it together
Remembering words I don't want to remember
Feeling all those feelings I felt so long ago
And knowing all those secrets I didn't want to know

Kicking my heels in the air, as I think back to yesterday
When you promised... things would never end this way
I feel like such a fool for believing all those words
As I look long into the mirror to prove to myself what I'm worth

Mirror Images
Lying to me and making me believe
Mirror Images
Were never enough to keep you here
Oh, why did you have to leave?

As the sun begins it's quick descent into the western sea
I keep wondering what it was... you didn't see in me
What was I missing, what was your heart so longing for?
What did I not give enough of... that kept you wanting more?

It makes me go back through all of my yesterdays, again
And makes me wonder 'why?' I keep playing a game I can't win
If I look into the mirror, I'm not so sure what it is I see
I wonder if the man staring back... could really be me

Mirror Images
The reflections that never lie
Mirror Images
What was it that turned you away?
And made you say goodbye?

The summer's heat is beating down on my face as I walk
I don't know where to tur...n or to whom to talk
But, I keep walking the long walk of a man possessed
I keep dreaming the dreams of a man... obsessed

Obsessed with finding out who it is in the mirror
A man obsessed with making his life turn out a little clearer
Possessed with the knowledge that things can someday change
The thought of seeing himself in the mirror... seems so strange

Why can't I see that the man on the other side... is really me?
What is it that keeps me living my life... like some cruel fantasy?

Mirror Images
Reflections of me that are so true
Mirror Images
Of me with a smile on my face
As I had... when I held you