If only you knew

By: Markenson Momplaisir

If only you knew what I was going through
You would at least talk to me
You would tell me how much you care for me
You would understand my craziness for you.

If only you knew how my heart is spoiling,
You would change your mind
you wouldn't let me cry all the time
You would come with the happy time.

If only you knew how much I love you,
If only you knew the sadness you put in my heart
You would sit by me and let me lean on you
You would keep that rose and never let it fade away.

If only you knew, If only you knew
My pains, my sorrows, my calamities, my torments,
You would be pitiful, you wouldn't be so cruel, so wicked.
If only you knew how many tears I cry...

You would do something, I cry day and night
I can't sleep, but you don't even seem to notice that.
Cause if only you knew, you would dry my tears.
If only you knew, If only you knew, you would...
If only you knew: