You will soon be gone

By: M.R.S.

I must confess I didn't think you and I would last
They said you were too young and I, of course, too old
But you, for some reason, have touched my heart like no other
Everything I do, everything I think... you're not far from my mind

You're my life
That will be the downfall of our love
You will soon complain
That I'm all over you,
you will soon say, "you're too nice,"
and then you will soon say,
"It's not your fault, it's mine."

You must understand this is the only way I know to love
I think and always have thought
that to please is to love and be loved,

But I am wrong
It's to make unhapy
and to make sad... is to love
and to abuse and to cause pain
... is to be loved?